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BANQUET, Salisbury Steak With Gravy, family size, frozen, unprepared - patty 111.6580.75372.2
Beef macaroni with tomato sauce, frozen entree, reduced fat - serving 30448.45.33.815.8478.8
Beef Pot Pie, frozen entree, prepared - pie, cooked (average weight) 589.659.
Beef stew, canned entree - cup (1 serving) 19415.410.81.88.6760.5
Beef, corned beef hash, with potato, canned - cup 38721.924.22.620.6972.3
Burrito, bean and cheese, frozen - burrito
Burrito, beef and bean, frozen - burrito frozen 332.242.913.45.810.1815.9
Burrito, beef and bean, microwaved - burrito cooked 345.745.213.9810.1764.4
Chicken pot pie, frozen entree, prepared - pie 616.15835.83.315.41186.9
Chicken tenders, breaded, frozen, prepared - piece