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Babyfood, apple yogurt dessert, strained - tbsp
Babyfood, apple-banana juice - fl oz 15.93.800.10.11.2
Babyfood, apple-cranberry juice - fl oz 14.43.60001.6
Babyfood, apples with ham, strained - tbsp
Babyfood, apples, dices, toddler - oz 14.53.400.30.11.7
Babyfood, Baby MUM MUM Rice Biscuits - 4 biscuit
Babyfood, baked product, finger snacks cereal fortified - cookie
Babyfood, banana apple dessert, strained - tbsp 10.22.400.201.1
Babyfood, banana juice with low fat yogurt - fl oz
Babyfood, banana no tapioca, strained - tbsp